The Girl Who Overcame Time


mulder: my life is being threatened scully


mulder: a paranormal being is threatening my life scully

scully: *mocking voice* a paranormal being is threatening my life scully

this version of fma:b i downloaded normally starts playing in japanese automatically but every once in a while an episode will begin in english and it’s so jarring it actually takes me a few seconds to recognize and comprehend it and not just be like “????? WHAT THE HELL IS THIS LANGUAGE ?????”

yohji yamamoto s/s 2015

yohji yamamoto s/s 2015

hey reminder


if yr under 18 and yr not ok with an adult following u/liking your selfies etc for any reason, please say and ill do whatever to make you comfortable its really not a bother! i know i have a lot of young mutuals.

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Doodlez of Miroku and Sango, from my all-time favourite anime Inuyasha. It’s been like 11 years and I’m still in love with this show <3 (though, frick, that show has WAY too much exposition holy shit)

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Persona 4: The Animation || Sky’s the Limit